It’s not as easy as we thought coming back out into the world.

My first action last week was to publish a short form article which reflected on the Pandemic. It discussed a song I wrote last year which observed the positive changes in our society in the face of the adversity of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The song, called ‘This Can’t Keep Us Down‘ features vocals from my very talented daughter, Joanna McBride. By the end of this week I was forced to realize that emerging from this pandemic and back into the world may not be quite as straight forward as we’d hoped.

A part of the struggle of non famous writers such as myself is making ends meet whilst pursuing our passion. To that end, I spent a good part of my week chasing that elusive straight forward 9 to 5 job that’s 3 to 4 days per week and pays a fortune. I think the job market is in a state of flux right now. The threat of an end to Furlough means the very real fear of redundancy for a lot of people as organizations streamline their business and position themselves to start back up.

Delivery jobs and hospitality are now thriving. The former having thrived supporting a world that was forced to stay at home, the latter, desperately trying to claw back the staff they had to let go while their businesses sat in Limbo.

I also drew on a significant part of my mental resources anticipating The Great Glencoe Challenge which ended my week as I took part and started to write a feature on it. Here, the evidence of people nervously taking their first steps back into freedom was apparent.

Training had been affected as people had been forced to stay at home. Others were forced into new jobs working nights. Some were facing open spaces and large crowds for the first time in over a year with the fear of infection of Covid-19 still ever present. The challenge was to complete a marathon across mountainous terrain in under 12 hours. There was far more than this at play however in the dynamics of this event during what remains, unique and challenging times.

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