New Target For Freelance Writing Pitches On Medium Platform

As the latest development in an exciting year in Freelance Writing, I’m delighted to launch a new outlet for my work. Going forward a lot of my writing will be published in the Medium Platform. I will also continue to be pitching my articles and ideas to editors within the platform for publication on their blogs.

You can read the articles I have already published by visiting my profile at

Medium is a huge online publishing platform that provides a versatile outlet for almost any writing genre or style. In addition, it’s Partner Program enables writers to be paid for work that is read by subscribers.

I am a hard working and enthusiastic Freelance Writer with a passion for travel, adventure and inspiring others.

I shall be using Medium to continue my journey in content creation including features and long form posts related to travel, adventure travel and related subjects intended to inspire readers to live their finest moments and achieve their dreams.

“You have empowered many… and given me a new mantra.” Is a typical example of the positive feedback which my work on medium has received so far.

Please click the url above and start reading my posts on Medium. I’m pretty sure they will make you laugh and cry.


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