Getting inspired to get off the couch and into the Scottish Hills

It’s a long story but, where a lot of people tend to join a local Slimming Group when their weight becomes an issues for them, I decided to climb Everest instead. I’ve only ever actually made it to the Base Camp on the Nepal Side since then but the journey has been incredible.

As keen a writer as I am a traveller, I was delighted when my story was published in a national Mountaineering Magazine, featured in a National Newspaper and then re-published by the UK Mountain Rescue in their magazine. You see, for all my talk of Everest, the Himalayas and the mountains of Africa, I’m Scottish and among the mountains of Scotland is where the story really began.

Scottish Mountaineer is the official magazine for Mountaineering Scotland. As well as a seasonal edition of the magazine, there are many other benefits to being a member of Mountaineering Scotland. These include access to training courses, bargains and many others. Click here to find out more about Mountaineering Scotland or sign up.

Click here to read Journal of an overweight mountaineer.

My story was then given the ‘tabloid treatment’ by The Scottish Sun on Sunday. Having ready my article in Scottish Mountaineer, they called to interview me for a feature in the Newspaper. Needless to say I was thrilled at the idea. You could say the tone of what they actually printed presented my story in a somewhat different light. Still, it made me laugh and it did capture all the main points. Click here to read Mountaineater in The Scottish Sun on Sunday.

Finally, the story, I’m happy to say the original story, was re-published in Mountain Rescue. The official Magazine for the Mountain Rescue in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It goes without saying that the work of the Mountain Rescue is absolutely vital and often the difference between life and death for those of us enjoying the mountains. Click here to find out more about the Mountain Rescue, get involved or make a donation.

Click here to read from MacDonalds to Munros to the Mera Glacier.

Click here to subscribe to Mountain Rescue

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