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Welcome to Issue 2 of Finding Your Finest Moments. The new e-zine which will track my journey back to the Himalayas. Follow my progress as I trek the 2 iconic routes of Annapurna Sanctuary and Everest Base Camp culminating in a 2 night stay on Everest Base Camp itself among the climbing teams who will be summiting during the Everest 2021 Climbing season.

Each issue of this e-zine is packed with inspiration, equipment recommendations and training tips to provide a complete and intimate view of what it takes to complete one of these iconic treks.

In this issue:

  • Across The Sea describes a wonderful days walking on the island of Arran between the bays of Brodick and Lamalash. The beauty along the shoreline is breath-taking as are the spectacular views inland as we cross back to Brodick.
  • Walking On Ice takes a look at my experience of the different types of equipment designed to keep you stable on ice during winter or high altitude treks and climbs.
  • Brodick To Lamlash And Back takes a more technical look at the walk around Arran with a video link showing the terrain, pictures and time taken for the walk as well as my own performance stats on the walk. Also discussed in this session is the impact of this route on my training for Nepal and how sections of the walk relate to Everest Base Camp.

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