Welcome to Find Your Finest Moments. The new e-zine which will track my journey back to the Himalayas. Follow my progress as I trek the 2 iconic routes of Annapurna Sanctuary and Everest Base Camp culminating in a 2 night stay on Everest Base Camp itself among the climbing teams who will be summiting during the Everest 2021 Climbing season.

Each issue of this e-zine is packed with inspiration, equipment recommendations and training tips to provide a complete and intimate view of what it takes to complete one of these iconic treks.

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In this issue:

  • Return To The Himalayas is a reflection on my past trips and the things I feel I missed through fear and inexperience which I hope to achieve on this coming trip.
  • 3 Important Factors When It Comes To Choosing A Trekking Boot covers the main specifications to look for in a good Trekking Boot and explains why I use the boots I do. It also contains links so you can review or buy boots on Amazon right from the page.
  • 6 Months To Go Starting My Training For Annapurna And Everest Base Camps looks at the progress of my first training session in the breath taking terrain of Assynt in the Scottish Highlands. It contains a video of the route and all the specs related to the route and performance stats to show what you can expect on a similar training route.

Pay just £5/Month Subscription Fee to get all of this exclusive content every month as well as bonus posts and vlogs from the Himalayas and Everest Base Camp.


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