A Review Of My Meindl Bhutans

I bought my first pair of Meindl’s 4 years ago. I was becoming less steady on my feet on rough terrain and was looking for something with better ankle support than my previous boots. A pair of Meindl Bhutans with their high ankle support, solid leather outer and the comfort of a memory foam inner, seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Though they felt a bit on the heavy side as I took them up a local mountain called Tinto Hill, the stability and balance I had on the decent was amazing and I’ve never looked back.

Anyone who’s wandered round Glencoe in the rain will well appreciate the need for everything to be completely waterproof. Meindl Bhutans have a leather outer layer which has never let me down. Whether crossing streams, plodding through miles of boggy terrain or even in snow, my Meindls have always kept my feet dry.

The memory foam inside them which moulds to the shape of your feet gives an amazing level of comfort. Now on my second pair of these boots, I’ve never had to break them in and rarely had any blisters. The rugged and sturdy Vibram soles are another aspect of the comfort and stability offered by these boots.

If you’re considering a trekking boot which will take you for miles and last you for years, I would definitely give Meindl Bhutans a shot.

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