Worth Your Weight In Gold Podcast Series Coming Soon

Listen to the Intro and Episode 1 here for Free.

Subscribe to the Worth Your Weight In Gold Podcast and start living an amazing life from today! Over 6 episodes, you will learn how I changed my life despite not losing my excess weight and how you could too.

Listen to Episode 1, Worth Your Weight In Gold for free.

Click on the image to access Episode 1
  1. Episode 1 is an introduction discussing my obese Body Mass Index (BMI), my fears and the achievements I managed to reach despite them. Reaching Everest Base Camp, The rim of Kilimanjaro and Open Water Swimming in the Mersey. It’s not about what I’ve done, it’s a flavour of what you could do.
  2. Episode 2 How The Tortoise Won That Race, looks at using humility to recognise your physical capabilities and work within them and still believe in yourself enough to do a Marathon.
  3. Episode 3 Putting Your Heart Into Your Dreams, looks at the importance of checking your heart rate during training and shows some examples of heart rate analysis. There is also a section discussing heart rate at altitude.
  4. Episode 4 It’s A Stretch But You Can Do It, contains a detailed description of the different stretching exercises that I go through each day to get me moving. The exercises in this routine can be used as part of a Warm Up or Warm Down before or after a Training Session or an event.
  5. Episode 5 9 Ways To Get Moving Again After A Muscle Strain, covers different exercises and routines to help you get moving again after pulling any muscles.
  6. Episode 6 The Dream Of Everest Base Camp, contains lots of inspiration as I recount my trek to Everest Base Camp and look at the mindset which can take you to such amazing places.

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