Spot The Difference

As soon as I sat down to start filming I realized my mistake

The picture from Track 1 of the Music Video

I am currently trying to film a Music Video for an EP of love songs I’m recording. I recorded the video for the first track last week. In order to make the whole thing look like it was done during the one night, I went to the trouble of looking out and washing the T-shirt I had on last week. Then I set up the lighting to look exactly the same as it had done last week. As soon as I actually sat down to record however I spotted my mistake.

The picture from Track 2 of the video supposedly only a few minutes later

During the weekend I inflicted a wicked haircut upon myself. So now my choice is to either wait 3 months until my hair grows back or re-record track 1.

Check out the haircut here.

Check out my video of Track 1, The Power Of smile. If you like the music, please Like and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and this Blog.

The Power Of Smile, the first track I recorded for my new EP

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